Who are we?

MACOS Organization is a nonprofit organization which works in Iraqi Kurdistan Region.


We work to develop English Language skills of the learners and teaching skills of the English Language teachers in the region. The organization runs continual training courses for both learners and teachers.

The Idea of the Project:

We have thought about a new method in the process of learning. To accomplish the idea, we have made our mind up to open (English Online Courses) on social medias, mostly on Facebook social media. Nevertheless, from the starting of the 2016, our courses are ongoing to present, the whole number of the participants are 81,000 (eighty one thousand) learners until now.


  1. Encouraging young people so as to use social medias, especially Facebook, in a valuable way.
  2. Familiarizing and popularizing English language among people.
  3. Aware individuals to understand the foreign cultures and traditions.
  4. Developing scientific levels and the capacity of the English language teachers.
  5. Encouraging and providing opportunity to English language learners from English language departments so that they will have a high-quality experience and expand their English language knowledge.
  6. Endeavouring to recognize English language as a second language in the Kurdistan region.